The Palms Playhouse

Live music venue in Winters, CA

Jolie Holland (Tracy Manuel Opens) – Thursday, August 1 2019

8:00 PM, Doors at 7:30 PM
$23/$12 students

Her songs are about love and jealousy, traveling and exhaustion, desire and loss. They’re rampant with beautiful losers. —Ben Ratliff, New York Times

Jolie Holland has always embodied everything weird and wonderful in the history of American music. She calls it “turning another page of the big book of North Americana and outsider folk.” Raw and unrestrained, bristling with kinetic energy, upon first encounter her songs seem challenging, perhaps unsettling, but as so many poets and rockers have shown us, that’s where the beauty lies.

Over the span of her career, Jolie Holland has knotted together a century of American song—jazz, blues, soul, rock and roll—into some stew that is impossible to categorize. Her writing over the years has deepened, matured, become the songwriting of a wise, worldly adult, not just of a rambler across the American latitudes. She calls on deep, dark forces and musters great skill and great courage to keep moving forward, reinventing herself, armored by literature and poetry, whether surrendering to the wildness of romantic love, conjuring a torrent of loss and grief, or finessing a graceful, melancholy, wistful ballad.

Holland will play with a full band.

Opener Tracy Manuel is an alt-country percussionist, guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Born and raised in Far NorCal, she chronicles contemporary rural life in her music, borrowing evenly from plaintive acoustic songcraft and experimental electric knob-twiddling. Her 2018 album, “Purgatory, CA,” is an unflinching song cycle bearing witness to small-town disaster, from the personal to the political to the ecological.

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