Live music venue in Winters, CA

Joe Craven & The Sometimers – Friday, July 20

8:00 PM, Doors at 7:30 PM


There is no label to accurately describe the music of Joe Craven and the Sometimers. Acid-rockgrass? Jazz fusion Americana? To try to box it in would be to crush the exuberant creative spirit that happens when Craven, Jonathan Stoyanoff, Bruce MacMillan, Barry Eldridge and Hattie Craven play together. “No genre left behind” is their musical motto, and they accomplish the task with joyful abandon, playing paradigm-shattering free range music that entices and excites.

Creativity educator and prankster savant, Joe Craven is a multi-instrumentalist proficient with strings and percussion from banjo to canjoe, balalaika to boot & lace. “Everything Joe touches turns into music” says mandolinist David Grisman, with whom Craven played for almost 17 years. Craven has rubbed creative elbows with Jerry Garcia, David Lindley, Alison Brown, Jason Marsalis, Inga Swearengen, Roy Rogers, Howard Levy and many others. Joe’s creative genius sparks and ignites his fellow musicians, who travel to other worldly musical destinations not explored by many others. Fittingly, their new album, Garcia Songbook, pays homage to, while re-imagining the music of, one of the better known pioneers of Experiential and Jam music.


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